About Us

We Have 15+ Years Of Experiance In Standard Professional Services

PROPERSTAFFING was founded with a vision to provide honest and professional recruitment services as a top-tier staffing agency in the Greater Toronto Area. Through a deep appreciation of our clients’ unique environments and needs, we work as partners with our clients to bring them the right people for their career opportunities. That’s the “proper” in proper staffing; an the exceptional fit between quality employees and high-caliber employers.

What We Do

PROPERSTAFFING’S mission is to contribute to the community by filling a need for specialized, professional, contingent workers. The company will provide workers with a safe and independent environment. It will also provide businesses with a high caliber of employees available for the project or permanent work. All About People listen to individual needs and customizes personnel solutions for both businesses and workers


Driver Application/General Application

Please complete the form by clicking below to apply for a driving position with us. The application process can take up to 30 minutes so please ensure you have ample time.